Where to Study BPM

Class Notes: Where to Study Business Process Management? A Global Perspective Based on EDUglopedia.org

One of the interesting things that has occured in the past decade is the emergence of serious academic programs that offer instruction in BPM.  One can now take a MA or even a PhD in BPM.  This, in turn, guarantees that, in the future, there will be a serious body of knowledge of best practices that will grow and mature as scholars gather data and study BPM best practices.

For those who are young and considering a career in process work, this month’s column by Dr. Jan vom Brocke, a professor at the University of Liechenstein, on where to study business process management is a major contribution.  I urge students and those in organizations seeking BPM talent to study this column.  And I thank Jan for the effort he has made to clarify where BPM education stands today.  It’s a valuable service to the whole BPM community.

To access the article, visit www.bptrends.info and see Dr. vom Brocke’s column.


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