What’s Likely To Change BPM the Most?

This month we are running a mini-poll on BPTrends asking what development is likely to change BPM at readers’ organizations during the next 3-5 years.  We offered a variety of possibilities, ranging from environmental changes and cloud computing to cognitive computing.

So far, the majority of our readers (36%) have selected Decision Management.  Second place with 21% is Cloud Computing and in third place, with 18% is Case Management.

It’s not to late to express your own opinion on this mini-poll.  Simply vote.

Meantime, BPTrends is also running is bi-annual survey of the entire BPM market.  This is a big survey and will take a few minutes to complete, but we have been dong the survey, and asking the same questions, every other year for the past decade.  Thus this is the best data available in the market as to changes that have taken place in the market.  If you haven’t already responded, I urge you to check on the box on the www.bptrends.info website and take this important survey.  As long time readers know, we will tabulate the data and issue a free report around the end of the year providing everyone with a new overview of the BPM market.



  1. John Reynolds says

    I think the rise of Cognitive Computing is going to have the biggest impact on the BPM market. Imagine a world where most process participants have a Watson-like assistant to help them – and a world where a Watson-like adviser can help them improve their processes. The “consultant-in-a-box” is almost here.

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