What OMG Standards Do Companies Care About?

This month’s mini-survey on the www.bptrends.info website repeats a question we asked on our process survey this past fall.  We asked what standards companies care about.  In the case of the question currently up on the website, we confined ourselves to OMG standards.  We did this as a followup on a discussion and a column in which we pointed out how little interest there is in any of the OMG standards, other than BPMN.

Of course our claim would be stronger if more people took part in our website surveys.  When you consider how many readers we have at the site — over a million hits a month — precious few apparently are willing to spend the 30 seconds it takes to check off boxes on our mini-quiz.  This is a plea for more members to become a bit more active.   Do so and we all learn a bit more about the market we are involved in.

We posted the survey item this month in response to the ongoing discussion of new process notations for case management and for value chain management.  In essence, we suggest that the OMG team is working to create new standards out of thing air, and that it will make things more confusing, as practitioners try to decide which notation to use.  Our position is being debated at the BPTrends LinkedIn site, and clearly lots of people disagree with us.  That’s OK.  We are happy just to see that people are aware of the issues and thinking about whether or not these new notations will really make process work easier or harder.

Knowing about the interest in any of the process notation standards is a good place to start.