Uptake of Case Management

Case management (or Adaptive Case Management or iCase, or dynamic processes) has been hot throughout most of 2014 — at least its been talked about and featured in lots of conference discussions.  Some tool vendors claim to support Case Management with BPMS features or modules and the OMG is readying a new Case Management notation, and consultants are lining up to help clients do Case Management.  So, how many people are really interested in whatever Case Management is?

In our December Poll, we asked who was using or thinking about using Case Management.

No one admitted to buying a case management software tool.

20% said they would definitely be using Case Management in 2015.

Another 20 % said they might explore Case Management on a project in 2015.

And 60% said that they would not be using Case Management in 2015.

If you recall Moore’s New Technology Adoption Curve, this describes an early market, with some exploring and some trying and most waiting to see what results from the early projects undertaken by others.

We are only talking about 10 people responding at this point, so its hardly a definitive answer, but it is none-the-less, about what we would have expected from an even larger groups of respondents.  In essence, Case Management is poorly understood and new, and its being cautiously explored by those who are willing to take some risks to see if it amounts to anything worthwhile.



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