Updates on 3D Printing Technology

As many readers know, I think process practitioners have an obligation to keep up on the major disruptive technologies that are likely to alter major processes in the near future.  How else is the practitioner to be able to think creatively about how to design or redesign business processes?  Knowledge of disruptive technologies adds greatly to the value of the process practitioner.

One of the technologies that I expect to be pervasive is 3D printing.  In effect this new approach to manufacturing which will move lots of production from centralized factories to a copy-store near you, is just gathering momentum, but it is gathering momentum very quickly.

Roger Tregear, from Leonardo in Australia, just pointed out a website    3DPrint.com  that not only has a lot of information on 3D printing, but that sends out daily alerts on new developments in 3D printing.   This site and location where you can sign up for the newsletter is  3DPrint.com

I recommend that all process practitioners sign up for this site to assure you stay up-to-date on this important and rapidly developing technology.



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