I’ve read many articles on “transformation.”  Older articles seemed to suggest that transformation implied a major change — rather like business process reengineering.  Recently, however, transformation has become popular and everyone now seems free to use it as the equilivent for process change.

 This month I asked readers for their take on the meaning of “transformation”  Half way through the month, only 16 have responded.  At this point, 19% suggest transformation = process change.  13% suggest that transformation = process redesign of a major business process, and 63% say that transformation is a major change in how the organization operates.  On the basis of this I’d say that the term still holds on to its original use for at least a majority of our readers.

 On the other hand, given how insidious the media is and how many will write articles claiming that they too are doing transformation, its hard to imagine the term will hold on to this narrow meaning for much longer.



  1. Rod Clark says

    Transformation is an alias for Process. I always attach the rule for transformation and or process that it must contain a verb and a noun. An example is Build a Volunteer Organization List. Where the verb is Build, the noun is Organization List. Another example might be Build an estimating System. The Verb is Build, the Noun is Estimating System. Another example is Build a Field Action Request System. Where the verb is Build and the noun is Field Action Request System. I have detailed all three of these processes with great success. The key is the an input is being transformed into an output. In each of the above examples, inputs and outputs can be defined and the verb and noun “tells” how the process will happen. Keep it simple and to the point.

  2. Claude Patou says

    More simply : CHANGE , what else ?…

    • Rod, It might be interesting to consider this distinctioni:

      Build an Estimating System
      Transform an Estimating System

      If transform is really just a synonym for process change, then you will often find yourself improving an existing process. If, on the other hand, transform means a major change in the way the organization does business, then Transform an Estimating System would presumably mean create a new and different estimating system.

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