This Month’s BPTrends Mini-Poll

We’ve added mini-polls to the new BPTrends website.  So far, not many members are bothering to respond, but hopefully that will change as time passes.  Earlier this month, on March 5th, I wrote a blog entry, The Process Space,  that discussed the process space, as I currently understand it, and suggested where most BPTrends readers came from.  The poll shows few Human Performance Improvement, Lean or Six Sigma practitioners, 24% of the respondents coming from IT (with a focus on process), 40% who identify as business analysts, and 32 percent who describe themselves as business managers with an operations perspective.  This overview, with only 25 people voting, is hardly significant, but it largely matches the survey data we got, and in that case we had over 300 respondents.

We plan on trying to increase the articles and content for those interested in Lean, Six Sigma and IT, but there is only so much we can do to grow out of the niche we are in.  We tend to emphasize a broad overview of process and a top down approach to thinking about process problems, and those approaches tend to appeal more to the business and BA audience than to the L6S audience — while IT tends to fall somewhere in between.

Meanwhile, while we continue to ponder our audience, I’d urge anyone whose a BPTrends reader and who hasn’t responded to the poll to give it a try.  It takes seconds, and it might help improve the website a bit.