The state of BPM today

BPTrends is right in the middle of doing its large bi-annual so we’ll have a lot more information on trends in BPM in the very near future. (If you haven’t taken the poll, click on the purple button on the website and do it today!) Meantime, we asked, this month, as a kind of teaser, what readers thought of the state of BPM today. (Note that people could choose more than one option.)

The largest number (42% each) choose two responses:

BPM is evolving slow and steady. We are doing it and learning.   And

BPM as a process improvement practice is alive and well. Management may not be excited, but process and IT people are actively working to evolve better business processes.

Close behind at 37%, readers chose:

Process change is a not topic. Management is concerned about it.

And a little behind that, at 21%, readers choose:

BPM is transitioning. It will probably reemerge soon under a new label, like Case Management or Cognitive Computing.

All of this pretty much fits with what we would say if we were asked. Management is excited about process at some companies, but not all. Meanwhile process work goes on, as it has since early 2003. Finally, given the nature of the way people are always looking for the next big thing, its probably time for folks to jump on a new process bandwagon and Case Management or Cognitive Computing are both getting a lot of attention.

If you haven’t responded to our mini-poll, why not join in and let us know what you think.



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