The BPTrends 2014 Survey Report

The latest BPTrends Survey that we undertook in the fall of 2013 is now available and can be read or downloaded.  This is the fifth time BPTrends has conducted this survey.  Each time we have asked more or less the same questions, so we have good data on any possible trends in the market.  Thus we know that interest in BPMS software tools is growing rather slowly, and that interest in Six Sigma, as such, is slowly declining.

We also have strong evidence for the fact that most companies are at process maturity level (CMMI) 2 — they are focused on defining and improving major departmental processes, but aren’t really into defining enterprise-wide processes or a business process architecture.

Any survey of this time requires some qualifications.  While we have nearly 400 respondents from throughout the world, they are mostly individuals who read BPTrends.  Thus the participants are mostly business people, business analysts or IT developers who are already knowledgeable about process work.  Asking the questions we ask to a large audience of business people who knew nothing about business process work, or a large audience of six sigma people, for that matter would generate a different set of answers.

With qualifications, however, this free survey has been run since 2007 and provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed overview of process activity available.  To get your own copy, go to, and check under Surveys.