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Harmon on BPM

Paul Harmon writes monthly features that cover the spectrum of Business Process Management. In past features, Paul has shared his insight about architecture and process management, BPM software tools, BPM in Europe, business process training and certification, integrating and aligning multiple process methodologies, and much more.

Paul is Executive Editor and Founder of BPTrends, and a Founder and Chief Methodologist for BPTrends Associates. He is a noted consultant, author and analyst concerned with applying new technologies to real-world business problems. Paul is a widely respected keynote speaker and has developed and delivered workshops and seminars to conferences and major corporations throughout the world.

Blog: Eye on BPM

Check out “Eye on BPM” for brief commentary on the most current BPM issues. The blog features Paul Harmon and other BPM thought leaders. If you would like to receive notice of posts to this blog, simply click on “Posts” (RSS feed) or “By Email.”
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Each month, BPM thought leaders write insightful columns and articles presenting a particular point of view or perspective on some aspect of business process change. Our contributors write about a wide variety of areas, including sales and marketing processes (CRM), supply chain processes, procurement, manufacturing and inventory or delivery systems, automating processes via workflow systems, component development, and the use of packaged applications.

Education & Training

The calendar area of the website offers a continuously updated list of the latest conferences, as well as professional education and training, in Business Process Management.


BPM Market Survey Reports provide members with valuable information regarding the current state of the BPM market. The State of BPM – 2012 is a comprehensive Survey Report of the BPM market, including what organizations are spending on BPM, organizations’ plans for the future, and BPM methodologies in use.

Business Process Manifesto

The Business Process Manifesto offers a solid semantic foundation for a Business Process body of knowledge. The Manifesto includes principles and definitions associated with Business Processes, the business motivation for Business Processes, and the relationship of Business Processes with other relevant subject areas.

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