Some Process Conferences in 2014

There will be lots of process conferences around the world in 2014.  I’m not about to try to name them all, but decided I could provide a short list for those thinking about what conference they might want to attend.

In February 24-25 in Phoenix AZ USA, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers its annual Lean and Six Sigma Conference.  This is probably the most important Six Sigma conference in North America.  For more information:

In March19-20 in London, UK, Gartner hosts its annual Business Process Summit.  The guest keynote speaker this year will be Wil Van der Aalst from Eindhoven.   This is BPM for those with a strong IT perspective.  For information, check

A little later in March, on the 25-27, bpmNEXT is holding its second conference at Asilomar, in California.  This conference brings together senior technical people to discuss the development and future of BPMS products and applications.  For more information, check

On June 16-18, BPM Conf. Europe 2014, chaired by Roger Burlton, will take place in London UK.  This conference with co-meets with enterprise and business architects will emphasize the business applications of BPM.

In September 7-11 in Haifa, Israel, the International Conference on BPM will meet.  This is the major conference of BPM academics and researchers and the focus is on new BPM research.   For more information, check

Come November 2-6,  the Building Business Capability conference will hold its annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.  This conference combines those interested in BPM with those focused on business rules and with business analysts to focus on how to apply processes in a variety of different practical circumstances.

There are undoubtedly many other interesting conferences in other countries, or on more specialized topics that will also be interesting and I’ll try to mention some more as I hear about them.  Meanwhile, if you only want to attend one major conference, in Europe or North America, hopefully this short list will help.



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  1. I probably should have included the Lean Transformation Summit which takes place in Orlando Florida on March 5 and 6. This is a conference put on by the Lean Enterprise Institute, established by James Womack and it is the leading Lean group in the US. For more information see

  2. just wanted to bring a small typo to your notice. 🙂

    You put instead of bpmnext.. 🙂


  3. Another conference I might have mentioned was the BPM and Case Management Global Summit conference that will take place in Washington DC on June 16 – 18, 2014. This conference draws folks that are interested in case management and it also draws a lot of US government attendees. For more information, see

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