September 2015

Dear BPTrends Member:

Welcome back. Hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy their summer activities.

Please join your fellow BPM practitioners and participate in our 6th biennial BPTrends BPM Market Survey. We urge all our BPTrends Members and Readers to take a few minutes to participate in this important survey. A complete analysis and report on the survey results, comparing results of all previous survey results, will be published on BPTrends in early 2016 and will be available to all BPTrends members FREE of charge.

This month we proudly present our partner, Roger Burlton’s, debut Column, Business Architecture Essentials, in which he shares his insights on successful implementation of enterprise BPM programs as well as innovative approaches for organizational and process change.

Also in this issue, Peter K. Fraser presents his critique of the soon-to-be-published revised ISO 9000 and ISO9001, and in Class Notes, Jan vom Brocke and his colleague, Sonia Lippe focus on the importance of project management skills when managing innovation processes.

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Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor