Dear BPTrends Members,

BPTrends was formed in 2003, just after I published my book, Business Process Change.  The initial idea was that the site would provide additional information about process work, as the field evolved.  We have been at it ever since and, in the course of publishing articles and columns by leading authorities we have developed the world’s most comprehensive repository of articles on all aspects of process improvement.  Our free website is constantly searched for readers seeking information on key process topics and we urge you to use it to help you in your own research.

This month we are still working through all of the changes resulting from the death, in March, of our Managing Partner, Celia Wolf.  Celia’s death was unexpected and we find that we were less prepared than we should have been.  We ask that you bear with us while we continue to reorganize our efforts.

As most of you know, BPTrends is comprised of three elements:  A website where we provide information on developments in Business Process Management, a training business where we license and present a certified Business Process Management curriculum, and a consulting business, where BPTrends consultants offer assistance to clients with specific process problems.  The training and consulting business continues as before, but the website will be reorganized to reflect changes in personnel and new challenges.

One thing we very much need are new authors and columnists to provide readers with fresh information about ongoing developments in process work.  If you would like to share a case study or an insight on process improvement, now is the time to write it up and send it in.  If you would like to write on a more sustained basis, consider becoming a columnist and writing several articles on a major topic.  In any case, if you have something to contribute, drop me a line and make a proposal.

Paul Harmon
Executive Editor on Twitter and join the BPTrends LinkedIn company page.