Learning About Process Mining

Over the past two years, Wil van der Aalst, and others associated with promoting Process Mining have developed a free online course that teaches the basics of this exciting approach.  Here is a press release about the course.  If you are in a position to take advantage of this, you should probably consider it…

Subject: Join the free new online course “Process Mining: Data Science in Action”

A new version of the free Coursera course “Process Mining: Data Science in Action” will start on November 28th 2016. The course is highly relevant for anyone that wants to improve his/her analytical skills. The focus is on data science methods applied to event data, e.g., for BPM, CRM, ERP, CEP, and (Lean) Six Sigma. A data scientist without Process Mining training is ill-equipped to uncover the organization’s real processes, analyze compliance, diagnose bottlenecks and improve processes. The next generation of process analysts, managers and auditors will depend on this new technology!

Over 100.000 people have registered for earlier versions of the course in the last two years. Many participants of the “Process Mining: Data Science in Action” course got “hooked to the magic of analyzing event data”. Participants that completed the course learned to automatically discover real processes, check conformance, and analyze performance. Also the new course provides access to software and real-life data sets. Hence, there are many good reasons to join this new Process Mining course.

Register via http://www.coursera.org/learn/procmin/

On demand

Since April 2016 the course is running in on-demand mode on the Coursera platform. Through the on-demand mode you can always revisit the course to refresh your process mining knowledge. This allows you to take the course at any point in time. Moreover, we are able to create special instances of the course to support web lectures at universities (e.g., flipped classrooms) and for in-company training. If you are interested, send a CSV file with two columns (name and e-mail address) to j.c.a.m.buijs@tue.nl.

New book on Process Mining

We are also happy to announce the availability of the new process mining book “Process Mining: Data Science in Action” (written by Wil van der Aalst, see http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783662498507). The updated version of the course that will go live on November 28 aligns well with the new book. Participants have free access to selected parts of the book. Moreover, Springer also kindly offers the participants of this MOOC a substantial discount on both the electronic and paper version of the new book.

Win a signed copy of the new book!

To celebrate the launch of the new book and updated course, we will select five students of the November 28 session that passed the honors track (e.g. made all week quizzes, final quiz, tool quiz and peer assignment) and will send them a free hard-copy of the book signed by the author.

The uptake of Process Mining

Since the first book on Process Mining in 2011, we have witnessed a rapidly growing interest in process mining. Today, Process Mining is the primary approach to make BPM truly data-driven. The attention for Big Data and the uptake of Data Science strengthen this development. Process Mining is where Data Science and Process Science meet! The growth on Process Mining has been accelerating during 2015 and 2016. Currently, there are about 25 software vendors offering process mining tools. Next to Disco (Fluxicon’s tool is used in the course next to the open-source tool ProM), tools like Celonis Process Mining, ProcessGold Enterprise Platform, Minit, myInvenio, Signavio Process Intelligence, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, LANA Process Mining, Rialto Process, Icris Process Mining Factory, Worksoft Analyze & Process Mining for SAP, SNP Business Process Analysis, webMethods Process Performance Manager, and Perceptive Process Mining are now available. The availability and application of these tools illustrate the uptake of Process Mining.

We are looking forward to see you, and your colleagues and friends, in the new Process Mining MOOC on Coursera. Visit http://www.coursera.org/learn/procmin/. Please help us to spread the message and let more people experience the amazing capabilities of Process Mining!


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