Learning About BPMN

The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) was created by a committee working with the OMG a few years ago.  The person who chaired that committee was Stephen White, who, at the time, worked for IBM.  Dr. White has written several articles describing BPMN which have been published on BPTrends website.  He is prepared to write another, reporting on BPMN’s current status, but first seeks to gather some data from users.

Please consider taking a moment to go to


and taking the survey.  The whole community will benefit from the insight gained, which will be made available without charge on www.bptrends.info



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  1. Sorry about confusion. Correct address for survey on BPMN is https://bpmadvantage.typeform.com/to/oCSIUJ

    1. Eustachio Nicoletti

      It doesn’t work yet

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