January 2014

Dear BPTrends Community Member:

Happy New Year and welcome to the new BPTrends.

This month, you’ll see a whole different look and feel when you visit BPTrends.com. We’ve updated the appearance, the page layout, and the navigation based on the most current best practices in website design and functionality. What we haven’t changed, though, is the expert analysis, opinion, and insight that you’ve come to expect from the most trusted source of BPM information. Everything you value is still here, but now it will be easier to find. And just like always, we’ll keep you informed of the latest additions to the site on a monthly basis.

Here are some of the new features of the new BPTrends:

Harmon on BPM
As you know, over the years, Paul Harmon, Executive Editor and Founder of BPTrends, has written monthly features covering the spectrum of Business Process Management. We’ll continue to publish his insights under his new Column titled:  Harmon on BPM.

Harmon’s Blog: Eye on BPM
Another new feature is Harmon’s Blog: Eye on BPM, where Paul will provide his insights and a brief commentary on some of the most current BPM issues. If you would like to receive notice of posts to this blog, simply click on “Posts” (RSS feed) or “By Email” in the blog area.

We have added a new video category to enhance our coverage of BPM.  These short videos will feature BPM thought leaders presenting their views on a wide variety of BPM topics.  We will post a new video each month throughout the year.

We have added a short poll on BPM which will appear each month.  We invite you to respond to the poll and view the results in real time.

We hope you find our new site helpful and informative and that you enjoy the new features.

Carolyn Potts
Managing Editor