How Do BPTrends Readers Get Information

Lots of people talk about social media and seem to suggest that everyone now gets their information from Tweets and Blogs.  In this month’s mini-poll on BPTrends we asked our readers to tell us where they get information on process issues.  So far a total of 33 people have responded — not many, but more than usually respond.  We let people choose more than one option, since we all get information from multiple sources, and the results, in a nutshell:  Most get their information from websites (like BPTrends) and from online web searches.   A few get their information from tweets or emails.   In between are people who get information from online discussion groups and blogs.

In the past surveys have revealed that BPTrends readers are more mature individuals with an average closer to 50 than 30 — managers and practicing consultants rather than new business analysts.   Overall, as a group, BPTrends readers seem to be part of the broad movement toward the use of social media, but not nearly as committed to tweets as some of our younger colleagues.

As we’ve noted in other contexts, however, with only 33 people responding it’s hard to generalize.  Hopefully a few more of you will respond in the next two weeks and we will get an even clearer picture.



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