Financial Process Efforts

I have begun to work on a new report.  It will take awhile, but the goal is to focus on a specific industry, and then describe the range of business process work going on within that industry.  The industry I choose to focus on first is Financial Services.  Those who have looked at BPTrends Surveys know that Financial Services is always the largest group that responds.  In most areas of IT there is a similar pattern.  In essence, Finance, as an industry, is very competitive, needs to manipulate vast amounts of data in a very short period of time, and makes a lot of money.  Thus, individual organizations within the finance industry are  willing to invest a lot of money to assure they remain cutting edge, respond quickly to customers, and so forth.

We plan on developing an outline of the entire range of activities that we consider part of Business Process Management, broadly considered, and then look for good examples of each among the financial organizations.  Some of this can be done via research, but some will be hard, because competitive organization’s don’t like to talk about their latest initiatives.  Thus, we are asking readers to send us pointers, or documents that will help us develop a comprehensive picture of the industry.  If necessary, we will use pseudonyms — Bank A developed an architecture — but we would rather depend on articles that have appeared in public magazines or reports given at conferences to make the report more concrete.

In a bit we will share our outline, so readers can see what kinds of examples we are looking for.  In the meantime, suffice to say we will cover the topics you probably already associate with BPTrends —  Enterprise-wide activities, from architecture and change management to measurement systems, process management and BPM groups —  Process level activities, from major transformation projects and redesign efforts to Lean or Six Sigma incremental change programs  — process automation of all kinds and any effort to improve human performance.

Any help in any of these areas that will help us provide a comprehensive overview of process work in the financial industry will be appreciated.  The easiest way to get us information is to send it to



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