Corporate Business Process Architectures

This past month we conducted a mini-poll on and asked readers to describe their organization’s commitment to a business process architecture. The response spread over a variety of options.

18% said they didn’t have a business process architecture and that no one seemed to care. A similar number said they didn’t have a business process architecture, but needed one.

12% suggested that any business process architecture their organization had been developed by IT in conjunction with an enterprise architecture.

The majority, 30% said their organization had a business process architecture, but the architecture was not comprehensive nor was it maintained.

Only 9% said their organization had an architecture that described all their major business processes and that it was actively used to track results.

These answers are drawn from a rather small sample and one can’t put too much confidence in them, but, as with several other of our small polls, they seem to reflect what we know about the market. About 50% of the organizations don’t have a business process architecture. Forty percent have one that isn’t used by business people. A little less than 10% have a process architecture that is actively used by the business people of the organization.

In part this reflects the process maturity of the organization’s involved. Only the more mature organizations know or care enough about processes to want to continuously track process performance and to really study how their major processes interact. Most organization’s simply focus on specific processes and seek incremental improvements.



  1. Hello, Happy New Year.
    If 9% uses actively Enterprise Process like a mean to develop value and track it, there is 91% of prospects market…

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