July 2022

Dear BPTrends Members, This month we publish some articles that will bring readers up to speed on new developments.  Meantime, we again mention that we are looking for new columnists and articles.  If you have something to say about BPM that you think other readers will be interested in, let us know. This month Harmon […]

Dear BPTrends Members, I wouldn’t say we are back on track yet, but we are making progress, reviewing and reassigning our resources to continue www.bptrends.info.  Among other things, we have canceled our BPTrends Discussion site on Linked In.  For some reason we have never had the discussions of BPTrends articles there that we hoped to […]


Dear BPTrends Members, BPTrends was formed in 2003, just after I published my book, Business Process Change.  The initial idea was that the site would provide additional information about process work, as the field evolved.  We have been at it ever since and, in the course of publishing articles and columns by leading authorities we […]


March 2022

As we inch toward spring, we at BPTrends are delighted to offer content we hope you will find both interesting and informative. Paul speculates on what may be in the future for business process, and Keith suggests a new and useful notation for architecting process. We look forward to your questions and comments Please let […]

February 2022

Dear BPTrends Member, Here in Boston we are digging out of one of the “biggest snowstorms ever to hit Boston.” I hope our fellow members and readers are facing a less intimidating forecast. This month’s content includes a compelling Column from Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland discussing the expanding role of process professionals in organizations, and Paul presents […]

January 2022

We wish all of our readers a very happy New Year and great success, health and happiness in 2022. This month’s Update includes coverage on topics that we hope you will find compelling and of use in your daily activities. We are sorry to say that this is Mike Rosen’s final Column (see his Column […]

December 2021

In the midst of your holiday activities, please take time out from your busy schedule and read the Articles and Columns in this month’s Update. I hope you will find the information presented here of value to you in your daily work. Please continue to give us your comments and thoughts on topics for future […]

November 2021

Here in the Northeast USA, we are still experiencing a pleasant and uneventful fall. I do enjoy watching the seasons change though winter is not my favorite. This month our publication is a bit lean but does include 3 of our favorite authors, plus some old favorites. I hope you will find some challenging and […]

October 2021

As the great Nat King Cole crooned, “La Di Da ‘Tis Autumn,” While you await the leaves to change, you will, I hope, welcome some autumnal thoughts on BPM from our authors and contributors.  Ron Ross considers effective communication in this, the knowledge age and Lewis Robinson introduces a new perspective on networking. As always, […]

September 2021

This month we resume our regular publishing schedule presenting new content by our Columnists and Contributors. Among our Columns is a compelling discussion by Tom Bellinson on what it takes to provide effective leadership, and a comprehensive discussion by Roger Tregear on soft skills required for successful process improvement. And much more… As always, I […]