Culture Reigns Supreme in Process Teams’ Priorities

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland describes the results of APQC’s annual process and performance management (PPM) survey of trends and challenges facing PPM professionals in the year ahead.

Frameworks: Beyond Operational Improvements: The Expanding Role of Process

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland looks beyond the standard role of process practitioners in organizations. Although companies continue to rely on process teams for tactical responsibilities in process improvement,
they are increasingly tapping into their teams to support strategic priorities that have an impact on the entire organization.

Frameworks: Process Tackling Productivity Issues

APQC recently conducted a survey focused on services and learning to better understand current productivity challenges for knowledge workers and the roles process and knowledge management play in personal productivity. In her Column, Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, Principal Research Lead at APQC, discusses the results of the survey.

Frameworks: Process Framework Fundamentals Remain Foundational

APQC conducts a survey every two years to explore process frameworks. How do people use them? What are their benefits? And where do people get hung up during implementation? So, what are this year’s results? Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland shares the results.

Frameworks: Making Steady Progress in Organizational Agility

The stress of this past year has necessitated that businesses apply a quick triage to problems that emerge and adapt to an uncertain environment. In her Column, Holly Lyke Ho-Gland presents the results of an APQC survey exploring strategic planning practices and organizational agility. You’ll want to read the results of the survey and Holly’s comments.

Frameworks: What Good Improvement Programs Have in Common

To show what’s at stake in the choice of an improvement approach, APQC analyzed data from its survey, How BPM Programs Stack Up. Here Holly Lyke-Ho-presents the somewhat surprising results.

Frameworks: Addressing Persistent-Challenges Departing Process Purgatory

Holly Lyke Ho-Gland, a principal research lead at APQC, summarizes the results of their annual survey taking stock of the trends and challenges that have an impact on Project Portfolio Management professionals in the year ahead. In Her Column, Holly summarizes the results and suggests that lessons learned have reinforced the need to address ongoing challenges as we proceed in 2021.

Frameworks: Toolkit for Process Re-Engineering

Business process re-engineering aims to change the way is work is done in order to achieve organizational goals such as reducing costs, improving customer and employee satisfaction, and increasing market share. Holly gives us some of her thoughts on how those goals might be achieved.

Frameworks: Business Continuity Through Process

Holly addresses what has become an issue for most of us to confront– how to transition to working remotely. One key piece of advice has been to establish a routine. However, process management offers much more than a routine to fall back on. Read what else processes can provide to facilitate and enhance your endeavors.

Frameworks: How We Use Frameworks Matters

Effectiveness is a key measure of the impact and value of an organization’s process management team. Overall, organizations may be satisfied with their business process management (BPM) programs, however, given that continuous improvement is the name of the process management game, there is still plenty of room for growth. This leads to the question: What factors drive program effectiveness and what levers can teams pull for improvement? Read Holly’s Column for some insight into this question.