Digital Transformation: Architecture Value

Mike Rosen asserts that the key to successful architecture is working with critical stakeholders to help them make better, architecturally influenced decisions, by providing them with information that is structured in a way that is natural to them and helps them do their job better. Read how this goal might be achieved. This is Mike’s last Column as he is retiring this year. We will all sorely miss his expertise and practical knowledge. We wish Mike all the best.

Digital Transformation: Digital Transformation and the New Normal

One year ago in this Column Mike Rosen made some predictions regarding the phases of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. One year later, he takes a look at those predictions to see how accurate they were and what we’ve learned about the emerging new normal.

Digital Transformation Processes: Achieving “Good” Outcomes

The circular economy is forcing companies to rethink everything from how to design, manufacture and distribute products, to their relationships with partners and customers. The focus is no longer on consumption, but instead on lifecycle and use. Mike offers a unique and well-presented perspective on how to achieve good outcomes in the circular economy. Look inside to learn more.

Digital Transformation: BizOps and Business Architecture

The idea that architecture is somehow incompatible with Agile, DevOps and BizOps is just wrong. On the contrary, Mike Rosen provides proof that architecture enhances all of these practices.

Digital Transformation: Turning Data Into Value

Mike Rosen asks – "So, what is the key to turning data into value?" Mike’s answer – A Digital Transformation Paradigm. Read his Column for a comprehensive description of a paradigm that he believes will prove very valuable in making better use of your data.

Digital Transformation: Economies of Learning

Enterprise economies and the nature of competition have changed over the last several years. In today’s business environment, leading companies are pursuing "economies of learning,"- the continual improvement, innovation and variation based on leveraging data and cognitive technologies to identify and fulfill changing needs for scale, scope, and engagement. So, what is the secret to turning data into value for the learning organization? Mike provides some viable answers to this question.

Digital Transformation: Turning Data into Value

Having lots of data is not the key to value; rather it is what you do with it that counts. So, what is the key to turning data into value? In his Column this month, Mike Rosen offers five steps to accomplish that goal.

Digital Transformation: Platform Business Model of the Digital Economy

Mike Rosen begins his Column by looking at one of the prominent digital business models, then examines this model through the lens of digital transformation foundations, and finally looks at the architectural implications of that model.

Digital Transformation: Right Here, Right Now!

In his debut Column on Digital Transformation, Mike Rosen writes that although ‘"Digital Transformation’ has been hyped up to the max," the hype does not mean that it isn’t real. In fact, he contends that it is very real, and evolving rapidly, and that organizations that don’t have it on their radar may be in peril in the not-too-distant future.