Business Analysis: So What Do You Do?

In her Column this month, Maureen McVey provides an answer to that frequently asked question at social gatherings, so what do you do? She offers a thorough but succinct response that BPM practitioners will find helpful in defining the BA role vis a vis the BPM role.

Business Analysis: Change Management – Mitigating the Risk of Failure

Business process management requires the skills and knowledge to assist stakeholders to adopt and incorporate change at all levels of an organization. To accomplish this, Maureen McVey proposes change management principals as the cornerstone for every organizational shift.

Business Analysis: Using Traditional Tools to Define Process based in Knowledge Work

Using a recent project that involved mapping processes for the development of a physician’s certification exam, Maureen McVey presents the approach and tools she used to identify critical success factors that would lead to a quality product. A tool that figured prominently in her process was SIPOC, a Six Sigma methodology. Read her Column to learn how she applied the tool and the results she achieved.