Harmon on BPM: A General Management Model

This month Harmon describes the overall manager that is used to describe how the manager of a business process works to assure that the process is working as it should. This management model provides the basis for all subsequent discussions of how process managers do their jobs.

Burlton: Why I Wrote Business Architecture

Roger Burlton has just published a new book on Business Architecture and provides an overview of the basic concepts and an explanation of what led him to write the book.

Harmon on BPM: The Scope of Management

Paul Harmon describes what managers are expected to do, and considers how process management fits within the overall managerial role.

Practical Process: Process Improvement Is Not Enough

Roger Tregear discusses a pyramid of process tasks and points out that process improvement, while important, isn’t the complete job facing a business manager.

Culture Reigns Supreme in Process Teams’ Priorities

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland describes the results of APQC’s annual process and performance management (PPM) survey of trends and challenges facing PPM professionals in the year ahead.

Harmon on BPM: Management Processes

Paul Harmon describes a new book he is working on and presents a bit from the book’s Introduction.

Harmon on BPM: What’s next for Business Process?

In his Column this month, Paul asks where business process improvement is today and where it’s likely to go next. You will want to read his surprising speculation on that question.

Human Processes: Architecting processes

Keith Harrison-Broninski begins his Column with this statement: "Finally, a notation is available to show collaborative human processes in a simple, sensible way. It’s about time." I’m sure you’re curious, as I was, about what precisely he meant. Well, he reveals his meaning, but you’ll have to read inside to find out.

Frameworks: Beyond Operational Improvements: The Expanding Role of Process

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland looks beyond the standard role of process practitioners in organizations. Although companies continue to rely on process teams for tactical responsibilities in process improvement,
they are increasingly tapping into their teams to support strategic priorities that have an impact on the entire organization.

The Agile Practitioner: Everything’s Going Agile

In his final Column for BPTrends, Tom Bellinson continues his role of providing thoughtful and well-articulated advice to process practitioners as they begin or continue their Agile journey. He will be missed as a regular contributor but has assured that he will continue to contribute as he has ideas that will be helpful.