Book Reviews

Book Reviews include short reviews of current books we feel may be of particular interest to members of the business process community.  All Book Reviews are posted in chronological order, beginning with the most recent posting.

Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones.

Reviewed by Paul Harmon.

Book Review: Business Architecture: Collecting, Connecting, and Correcting the Dots by Roger Burlton

Reviewed by Paul Harmon.

Dynamic Business Process Management in the Knowledge Economy: Creating Value from Intellectual Capital. By Marek Szelągowski.

Paul Harmon gives this book a thumbs up saying that the author succeeds by offering practical advice about the kinds of BPM issues you should be thinking about in the knowledge economy.

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

BPTrends Columnist, Tom Bellinson, is constantly on the lookout for material that will enhance his work as an agile practitioner. In one such search, he encountered Daring Greatly. What he found particularly compelling about the author’s analysis is that she uses empirical evidence coupled with statistical analysis to back her ideas. High praise from someone I know to be a careful and dead center critic.

Book Review: Bank of the Future: Minimise Technology Risk, Maximise Business Return

This is not, strictly speaking, a book on business process change. It is, however, a book on how technologies are changing the banking industry, and thus, indirectly, a repository of ideas about the kinds of changes in banking that will lead to new banking processes in the near future. A major focus of the book […]

Book Review: Continuous Improvements Made Easy by Artie Mahal

Artie Mahal worked for years at the head of process improvement at Mars. Then, after retiring, he worked quite awhile longer as a consultant and a teacher. He was a great teacher, because he combines enthusiasm and experience. When Artie tells you of his experiences, you feel as though you are really there facing and […]

Book Review: Process Based Approach to Operational Risk Management

This month Paul reviews Process Based Approach to Operational Risk Management by Kannan Subramanian.

A Book Review: Workflow Patterns: The Definitive Guide

This month Paul Harmon reviews Workflow Patterns—The Definitive Guide by Nick Russell, Wil M.P.van der Aalst and Arthur H.M. ter Hofstede.

Book Review: Real World Decision Modeling With DMN By James Taylor & Jan Purchase

This month, Paul Harmon reviews Real World Decision Modeling with DMN by James Taylor and Jan Purchase. Paul posed a series of questions to the authors concerning DMN (Decision Modeling Notation) and based his review of the book on their responses.

Book Review: Changing Cultural Practices: A Contextualist Framework for Intervention Research

Paul Harmon gives this book a must read endorsement for anyone interested in cultural change in the context of process change.