Case Study; How the Hertz Corporation Improved Management of their Rental Care Locations Worldwide


To better manage new construction and maintenance of rental car locations worldwide, Hertz needed to adopt an improved workplace technology and collaboration solution. The key processes for rental car locations include CapEx approval for new location construction and ongoing maintenance projects.

However, these processes were made complex because of the way required information was stored and collaboration was organized. Documents, CapEx requests, their statuses, and other related information were scattered across Excel files and email chains.

There was a need to automate these projects and CapEx approvals. With little standardization for sharing information and collaboration, Hertz business units used Excel files and non-standardized processes. This fragmented approach to information sharing and inaccurate request routing needed to be improved in order to ensure lower operating expenses and capital risks, and increase overall business value.


During the initial planning stage, Hertz recognized that it needed to implement a system that would ensure single work environment for employees, processes and data, and allow for workflow collaboration and automation.

The company needed flexible solution to ensure consistent expense request processes across the company. This approach would allow for better accuracy, transparency and efficiency of processes.

“We had a number of separate Excel files that all served different business units within our finance and car locations management,” said Hertz’s representative. “In order to improve capital productivity, we needed a way to access all projects in a single place and ensure flexible solution for all field employees”.

Hertz chose Comindware Tracker, a low-code workflow software by Comindware, to unify the management of data, ensure consistent workflows and improve collaboration throughout the company. Hertz chose cloud delivery of Comindware’s product not only for compliance to initial requirements and cost-effectivity, but also for Comindware Tracker’s proven ease of implementation and use, flexibility, and integration with MS Outlook.


Using Comindware’s powerful and intuitive low-code software, Hertz developed a workflow application to streamline CapEx approval processes across multiple divisions, as well as internal collaboration amongst company employees.

The CapEx Approval application acts as a solution for fielding capital expenditure requests, and ensuring proper request routing according to purpose of the requested budget and its volume. Using Comindware Tracker’s mobile capabilities, Hertz employees can easily submit expenditure request via a web form and keep track of approval progress from personal dashboard while discussing specific matters beyond or across the request and uploading additional files in a special comment thread integrated into the request form. When needed, workflows and web forms can be modified by non-technical users with drag-and-drop simplicity. By leveraging CapEx Approval app, Hertz employees distributed across multiple business units get capital expenditure requests approved at a much quicker rate. In addition, the CapEx Approval application handles key budgets and projects dates, making sure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Given the level of complexity in fragmented data storage, it was a challenge to capture all the existing data into a single environment and ensure data format consistency for further usage. Comindware came up with an idea of an algorithm to bridge the gap between Comindware Tracker and complex Excel spreadsheets, developed it, and ensured that solution implementation and adoption processes are as smooth as possible.

According to Hertz’s employees, Comindware helped accelerate their CapEx processes and improve collaboration throughout the company. They also highlight that as a bonus to these improvements it became dramatically easier to compile annual CapEx reports and on-demand expenditure reports by regions.


Through the deployment of CapEx Approval application, Comindware Tracker has connected Hertz employees across the company to the enterprise data, workflows, and social collaboration needed to best manage funding of their worldwide rental car locations. Within the first 2 months of operation Hertz saw tangible productivity gains and transparency of task flows thanks to a single application platform and scheduled to expand its usage of Comindware Tracker by rolling out a workflow app to manage lease renewal process for rental car locations across the world within the next quarter.

By harnessing a workflow app methodology, global CapEx management processes have been automated to reduce the expenditure approval cycle time, decrease operational expenses and minimize financial risks. Enhanced solution visibility allows for quicker and more reliable access to CapEx data throughout the company, easily identifying gaps and errors that can be proactively addressed.

Success with resolving CapEx management challenge inspired Hertz to develop the next great solution to address one more of their toughest challenges – management of 9,700 real estate facilities. Real Estate Management application based on Comindware Tracker got up and running within days and acts as a solution for onboarding new estate property. It automates and streamlines handling of requests for leasing new buildings, such as garages, carports, car rental locations, etc., managing lease expenses and profit potential, and more.

Hertz executives note that the use of Comindware Tracker has already been showing huge benefits even just a few months after the deployment of the solution and they hope to continue extending the usage of Comindware’s product and service.

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