Case Management Modeling Notation

The OMG’s new Case Management standard — Case Management Modeling Notation or CMMN — was published in May of last year (2014).  Vendors are now beginning to roll out implementations of the standard, making it possible for early adopters to try it out.

One example is OELAN’s Cafienne product.  In essence Cafienne combines a case file engine with a rules engine to allow companies to build and automate Case Management solutions.    Another is a new product called Groundlion.  For more information on this tool, check

More technically, Mike Marin and Jay Brown from IBM Analytics Group have written a paper describing how CMMN can be used in conjunction with an open source Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) repository.  To download this paper, go to

A number on people have been hyping Case Management approaches for the last couple of years — without any real proof that the approach will prove useful.  Now, with the OMG standard complete, we begin to have versions of CMMN that skilled developers can use to test possibilities.  This situation is often termed the “early adopter” stage of a new technology market.  A few organizations with an interest in new technologies and with developers who can deal with new and not very polished products, will proceed to try the technology out.  If they report successes, the market for this type of product may grow.

It’s too early to tell whether CMMN will provide a useful way to model more complex and dynamic business processes, but at least the experiment is underway and we will begin to get some early results in the course of the coming year.