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BPTrends delivers professional services and training through partners (BPtrends Associates) certified in the BPTrends methods. These Associates (herein referred to as BPTA) provide BPM and Business Architecture professional services to organizations, assisting them in the planning, architecting, designing, measuring and managing of their business processes and capabilities. The methods comprise a comprehensive, integrated approach and address the Enterprise Level, the Process Level and the Implementation Level for change. Our approaches are based on the practical experience and research of BPTrends and Process Renewal Group leaders. The principals and founders of BPtrendsAssociates (Paul Harmon) and Process Renewal Group (Roger Burlton) are two of the most respected thought leaders in the BPM and Business Architecture communities. The breadth and depth of the offerings and the strength of the subject matter expert consultant/instructors found in our certified partners are the key to ensuring the ongoing success of our programs and your initiatives.

BPM and Business Architecture Services

Consulting Services

Our services cover the full spectrum of design, implementation, and management of a holistic management system, assuring that business processes and implemented solution are aligned with business goals, IT capabilities, human competencies, and organizational designs. Partners work with clients to create business architecture programs and process management environments through delivery of hands on and advisory consulting, executive workshops and seminars, and our training, mentoring and facilitation services. The methods and services are designed to enable organizations to move toward becoming more architected and process centric from start to end. Our approaches establish a common language and a common understanding of Business Architecture, BPM, and the tools, technologies and systems required to implement these.

Executive Workshops and Seminars

BPTA senior consultants deliver BPM Workshops and Seminars designed to educate and inform senior managers regarding trends, directions, best practices, and standards and what it means to become an architected process centric organization, including case studies describing what leading organizations are doing and BPM maturity assessments and roadmaps for success.

Training: Professional Development Curriculum

The BPTA Curriculum establishes a consistent methodology, including a common language and common tools and techniques that assure efficient collaboration among all strategy, architecture, and process professionals within an organization. All courses are taught by certified BPTA consultants. All courses emphasize the development of skills and competencies of the participant. The BPTA Training Certificate Program offers 3 Certificates as follows:

  • Business Architecture Professional – Essential skills for practitioners conducting Business Architecture services for cross organizational programs
  • BPM Professional – Foundational skills for BPM Practitioners working on Process Improvement Projects
  • Advanced BPM Professional – Advanced skills for BPM Practitioners working on Process Improvement

For detailed course information click here.

BPM Methodology

The BPTA BPM Methodology assists organizations in the planning, architecting, designing, measuring and managing, and implementation of their business processes. The BPTA BPM Methodology is a comprehensive, integrated approach to BPM and addresses the Enterprise Level, the Process Level and the Implementation Level.

Business Architecture Methodology

The BPTA Business Architecture Methodology is described in Roger Burlton’s book Business Architecture: Collecting, Connecting, and Correcting the Dots. As the title implies , this method articulates the various components and domains of Business Architecture as well as ensuring traceability and alignment among them.


In addition to the professional services provided by BPTA, the following related resources are available to support the BPTA BA and BPM Methodologies

  • Books
    BPTA principals and founders. Paul Harmon and Roger Burlton have written the two leading books on Business Process Management. These books support and extend the BPTA Methodology
    • Business Process Change, 4th Edition, Paul Harmon
    • Business Process Management: Profiting from Process, Roger Burlton
    • Business Architecture: Collecting, Connecting and Correcting the Dots, Roger Burlton
  • BPTrends.info
    The most comprehensive and trusted on-line source of information and analysis on Architecture and Business Process Management @ www.bptrends.info

BPTA Consultants

BPTA engagements are delivered by real-world industry experts with decades of hands-on professional experience as Senior Professional Managers leading corporate Business Architecture and BPM teams, having led a wide variety of strategic business design and process improvement programs for private and public sector companies around the globe. Together we provide:

  • Broad based knowledge of the overall Business Architecture and BPM market
  • Methodology based on over 20 years of hands-on experience working as consultants and trainers to organizations world-wide.
  • Recognized pioneers and thought leaders in their fields
  • Extensive knowledge of enabling technologies and standards, both existing and developing.
  • Decades of hands-on experience delivering Business Architecture and BPM consulting and training to corporate clients and individuals world-wide
  • Partnered with Universities worldwide to develop and deliver their Architecture and Process Curricula for new generations of professionals and leaders

BPTA Program Leaders

Paul Harmon

Paul is a Founder and Executive Editor of BPTrends.info, the most widely read source of information and analysis on business process management targeted at business and IT managers interested in trends, standards and directions in business process change. He is the author of several publications, including the best-selling book, Business Process Change, 4th Edition (Morgan-Kaufmann, 2019). Paul has worked on major process redesign projects with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Security Pacific, Prudential, and Citibank, among others. He is a widely respected consultant, educator, analyst, author and speaker and has developed and delivered workshops and seminars at major conferences and Fortune 500 corporations around the world on a wide variety of topics relating to Business Processes and Enterprise Architectures.

Roger Burlton

Roger is a director with BPTA, the founder of Process Renewal Group and the author of several publications on BPM and Business Architecture. He is considered an industry leader in innovative approaches for organizational change. He is recognized internationally for his contributions in Business Process Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Strategic Architecture Alignment, Prototyping and people-based Project Management Methodologies as well as being a pioneer of Business Architecture. He is regarded as a realistic practitioner, who delivers pragmatic solutions. An exceptional speaker, he has chaired several high-profile conferences on Advanced Business and Information Management around the world including Building Business Capability (12 years), IRKUK’s BPM and EA Conference (20 years) and Knowledge Management Europe. Roger is also an active practitioner, helping global corporations and small companies alike to realize business performance benefits.