BPM in London in 2015

Those who follow BPTrends know that we sponsor two conferences a year — one in North America in the fall (BBC was just held at Fort Lauderdale, Florida) — and one in Europe in the Spring.  The European conference, called BPM Europe 2015 will be held in London from June 15 to 18 in 2015.  As in the past few years, we are combining the European BPM conference with a second conference on Enterprise Architecture, and attendees of one will be able to attend sessions at the second conference — that assuring a mingling of thought leaders in both process and architecture.

The call for speakers for the European BPM Conference has just been publish and those interested can find information at  www.irmuk.co.uk/bom2015/index.cfm

A lot is happening in BPM at the moment.  Some issues are especially related to process architecture issues, as practitioners argue over the role of capabilities in process architecture efforts.  Other concerns focus on Case Management and the rapid development of alternative ways of thinking about dynamic process analysis and design, about the role of knowledge workers in process redesign, and the role of new Case Management oriented BPMS software tools.  Then there are issues like cloud computing, big data, and the role of new techniques like process mining.  These shifts and others will be key topics at this year’s conference which will be designed to prepare practitioners for the changes coming in the next few years as a new approach to BPM gradually emerges.

I look forward to the London conference, having missed it last year, and to renewing contacts with those working in process in Europe.



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