BPM and Lean: Prepare your Organization for Change: from ‘What’ to ‘How’ – Free Ebook

Research on digital transformations (MIT Sloan, 2011) distinguishes between the ‘what’ (what does an organization want to achieve) and the ‘how’ (how can an organization realize change). Organizations that focus on the ‘how’ turn out to be much better at executing transformations. They don’t waste too much time thinking about what the future may look like; they make sure they are prepared when the need for change arises. I like to call these organizations ‘adaptive’.

As discussed in my previous columns, transforming an organization into an adaptive enterprise is not easy. It requires you to enable, execute and accelerate change in all levels of the organization, and at the same time keep control. How do you do this? This question has fascinated me for many years.

Together with my colleague and friend Marc Lankhorst, I recently published the eBook ‘The Adaptive Enterprise’. In this book, we explain our vision on the challenges of change and control in complex enterprises. This book does not provide a step-by-step approach for business transformation and change, since we do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ approaches. Instead we present a set of important capabilities, necessary for your organization to be successful in this digital age: the ‘how’ of change.

‘The Adaptive Enterprise’ is available for free for members of BPtrends. You can download your copy here.

We hope to inspire you with the ideas presented in this book.

The Adaptive Enterprise

Peter Matthijssen

Peter Matthijssen

Peter Matthijssen, MSc, CMC, LSS Black belt, has 15+ years of experience with Business Process Management, Architecture and Business Transformations. As a consultant, trainer, presenter, author and leader, Peter supported and inspired numerous organisations and people around the world to work smarter and cope with the change challenges they face. Currently Peter is responsible for driving innovation in BiZZdesign, in the role of Chief Technology Officer. Peter is the author of numerous books and publications on BPM, Lean management, Architecture and Business Transformations, for example ‘Thinking in processes’ [2011], ‘Working with Lean’ [2013] and ‘The Adaptive Enterprise’ [2016]. He speaks on a regular basis at international conferences on business design and change like IRM-UK and Building Business Capability.


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    Thanks Peter !!!
    Great material and reference ! Congratulation for the interesting and insightful ebook !!!
    Rgds, M

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