BPM 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

Lots of things are happening in Brazil in 2016.  For one thing, the summer Olympics will be there.  And, then, just after that, on the 18th to the 22nd of September, the annual meeting of the International BPM Conference for 2016 will take place in a hotel on Copacabana Beach.

The International BPM Conference is the major meeting of BPM academics and researchers.  There is the conference itself, there are a number of co-located workshops, and there is an international networking opportunity.  And this year, of course, there will be the beaches of Brazil.

I can tell you, having personally visited Brazil to give process workshops and consult with Brazilian organizations that Brazil is very interested in process work and that there are lots of exciting projects underway.  And I can also tell you that the Copacabana Beach area is worth a visit.  (For that matter, I can also attest that there is a lot of interesting process improvement work going on throughout Latin America.  I have spent even more time in Chili than in Brazil giving talks and consulting with people who are very sophisticated in their approach to process improvement.  And I’d note that some of the latest, popular BPMS tools come from South America as well.)

To learn more about the conference, check the conference newsletter:  bpm-conference.org/foswiki/pub/BpmConference/Newsletter/BPM-newsletter-Feb2016.pdf

If you are considering a research or academic career in BPM, or want to learn where BPM technology is heading, this is the conference to attend.



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