Stacey Wright

  • The Case for a BPM Sustainability Management Team

    In the third Article in her series on Governance, Stacey Wright, a Program Manager at Macedon Technologies, describes how sustainability management through BPM governance can ensure continuous improvement. Read her Article for details of how a sustainability team can benefit your organization.

  • The Role of a Governance Committee

    In her first Article in this series, Stacey Wright, a program manager at Macedon Technologies, discussed the Steps to Governance. In this, the second Article, she focuses on the role of a Governance Committee, which she considers key to the long-term success of a BPM initiative. She offers the voice of experience in making the…

  • Steps to Governance

    In this Article, Stacey Wright, a program manager at Macedon Industries, initiates the first in a series of Articles on governance. Stacey has had considerable experience in helping organizations add applications to run and grow their businesses. Here, she lists the most frequently asked questions she has encountered, which she will address in future Articles.