Imre Hegedus

Imre Hegedus

  • BPM and PI (Part 3)

    BPM and PI (Part 3)As he has emphasized in Parts 1 and 2 in this series, Imre Hegedus believes that Process Improvement and Process Management should be a deliberate exercise. In this third and final Article of the series, he concludes with an exploration of how you might go about deploying both BPM and PI…

  • BPM and PI, Part 2

    BPM and PI, Part 2 Imre Hegedus continues his discussion of the relationship between improvement and management cycles. In Part 2, he presents a series of questions that will assist you in determining the next steps your organization should take to sustain a workable interplay between BPM and PI. The answer may be to seek…

  • BPM and PI

    BPM and PI In the first of a three part series, Imre Hegedus explores the relationship between BPM and Process Improvement methods. He advocates a holistic and phased approach in which BPM and PI are deployed together to lead to successful and sustainable business performance.

  • Customer Value

    Customer Value Imre Hegedus asserts that business relevance begins and ends with the customer and must be the basis for aligning and evaluating BPM deployment. Read how to apply practical process solutions to what may seem competing process goals within the organization by adhering to a customer focus.