Andrew Spanyi

Andrew Spanyi

  • Winning at Hyperautomation

    Andrew Spanyi declares that “Digital transformation is no longer a luxury for most organizations – it’s a necessity.” Gartner coined the term “hyperautomation” to represent the concurrent application of multiple digital tools in automating tasks and processes. Andrew believes Process Professionals are well positioned to make a major contribution to the success of hyperautomation. Read…

  • How Process Practitioners Can Improve Digital Transformation Success

    Andrew Spanyi makes a convincing case that they can do so by advocating for a customer centered, process based view, in stark contrast to operating in silos. An idea whose time has come?

  • Customer Experience and Process Management: A Winning Combination

    Recent research revealed that “‘customer-centric’ organizations are 38% more likely to report greater profitability than those that are not.” Andrew Spanyi provides the key actions necessary to take advantage of customer experience to drive performance improvement.

  • The Evolving Role of Process Practitioners

    Andrew Spanyi, a business process consultant and training manager, defines what he believes to be the skills that process professionals must develop if they are to take their rightful place in the digital business environment of the future.and explores the impact that the expanding assortment of digital tools is likely to have on process practitioners.

  • BPM as a Management Discipline?

    Andrew Spanyi, a thought leader in process management and previous contributor to, says that the “M” in Business Process Management is far from reaching its full potential. In this Article, he presents the 4 foundational elements for achieving a successful BPM initiative and the obstacles to avoid in the process of implementation.

  • Process Management—10 Questions that can Change Everything

    Process Management—10 Questions that can Change Everything Vincent Pierce and Andrew Spanyi contend that there are common themes that underpin most high performing companies. They have organized those common themes into an integrated Process Management Framework that provides the foundation for answering the 10 questions outlined in the Article.

  • Process Management—A Global View

    Process Management—A Global View On a year-long journey around the world, attending BPM events and visiting BPM clients in Europe and Australia, Andrew Spanyi took advantage of the opportunity to continue his research on how various companies launch and execute process management methods. Read his Article to learn the results of his research. You may…

  • Leading Process Change – Part 3

    Leading Process Change – Part 3 In his initial Article, published here in September, Andrew Spanyi proposed that leaders need to develop specific business practices in the three key stages of a process improvement project: getting ready, taking action, and sustaining change. In this Article, he addresses the management practices key to sustaining the gains…

  • Leading Process Change–Part 2

    Leading Process Change–Part 2 In Part 1 of Leading Process Change, Andrew Spanyi described the role of the leader in getting ready for change. In Part 2, he considers the leader’s role in the “taking action” stage. Read Part 2 for specific direction on what actions to take as well as what actions to avoid.

  • Leading Process Change

    Leading Process Change Andrew Spanyi cites a 2008 McKinsey survey of executives in which only about a third said that their organizations succeeded in implementing major change. He rightly wonders why we have not observed more progress in terms of process leadership. Read his Article for his take on some answers and on ways to…