Adrian Grigoriu

Adrian Grigoriu

  • Design Thinking versus Business Architecture and Process Improvement

    Adrian Grigororiu compares Design Thinking with Design process. Apples and oranges? You may find the result of his efforts surprising.

  • The Rings Framework for Strategy Development; Porter’s Take on Strategy

    Adrian Grigoriu, an enterprise architecture consultant, believes that in the modern Digital age, the fast-moving pace of change may endanger your company’s very existence. His solution is to develop a clear strategy analysis and specification frame. In this Article, Adrian Grigoriu shows you how.

  • A Gas to Liquids Generic Business Architecture

    Adrian Grigoriou, an executive Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Consultant, believes that a single page diagram, illustrating the core enterprise business functions and flows, is key for stakeholders to understand the enterprise and align their points of view. He presents the model in this article along with the benefits and instructions for how to use it.

  • A Comparison of Common Business Modeling Approaches and GODS Generic Business Architecture

    A Comparison of Common Business Modeling Approaches and GODS Generic Business Architecture In this Article, Adrian Grigoriu provides a comparison of some of the most commonly used business modeling approaches and the proposed GODS (Governance, Operations, Development and Support) single page generic Business Architecture (gBA). In his Article, Adrian not only provides a comparison of…

  • A Single Page Generic Business Architecture

    A Single Page Generic Business Architecture In this Article, Adrian Grigoriu proposes a generic Business Architecture called GODS, an acronym for: Governance, Operations, Development, and Support, which is an extension of Porter’s Value Chain concept. GODS offers a comprehensive view of the key enterprise functions that form the enterprise structure that deliver value to stakeholders.…

  • The Cloud Enterprise

    The Cloud Enterprise Adrian Grigoriu discusses how Business Process Utility, the Virtual Enterprise, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, and SOA can all be deployed and integrated in a organization. How would the concepts fit together and what would the outcome look like? In this illuminating Article, he attempts to provide some answers. If you share the…

  • The Virtualization of the Enterprise

    The Virtualization of the Enterprise Adrian Grigoriu contends that to be competitive in today’s business world of strategic alliances, partnerships, and outsourcing organizations are required to understand and manage their Value Chains. In this Article, he proposes virtualization of the enterprise to solve the complex IT and Business issues involved in dealing with these diverse…

  • Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture

    Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture Adrian Grigoriu acknowledges that SOA appears to be at the top of its “hype curve,” but he asks what it really means to the organization. In this article, he defines SOA not only in terms of what it is, but what it isn’t and contends that SOA + EA = SOEA—the…