8 Fun Office Potluck Themes

Potlucks are a popular way for coworkers to enjoy some tasty food and fellowship. However, the same old potato salad and hamburgers can get boring after a while. Spice up your next office potluck with one of these fun themes.

1. Desserts and Appetizers

Desserts and appetizers are usually big hits at most potlucks, so why not cut out the unnecessary filler and get right to the good stuff? You can choose a specific cuisine, such as Mexican, Italian or American, or let everyone bring a variety of different foods. A mix of more adventurous options, such as ceviche and traditional staples, such as 7-layer dip will ensure there is something for everyone.

2. Ballpark Theme

If your office is full of sports lovers, try out a ballpark theme. Ballpark staples include hot dogs, nachos, caramel corn and cotton candy. If you’re having your potluck after working hours, be sure to provide a few frosty adult beverages. Ballparks are serving all kinds of extravagant foods these days, so if you want to venture beyond the standard fare, encourage people to recreate their own versions of some of the most extreme ballpark foods.

3. Childhood Favorites

This theme provides you with a chance to enjoy some good home cooking and get to know more about your coworkers. This can be a particularly fun theme if you work in a diverse office with people who have come from different food traditions. Simply ask everyone to recreate one of their childhood favorite foods and bring it. Encourage everyone to share their stories about their dish.

4. Vegetarian

Meat eaters may scoff, but vegetarians are often left with few to no choices at a typical potluck. Give the veggie eaters a chance to shine with a vegetarian theme. It may encourage people to try some new foods they hadn’t thought of before and discover that vegetarian eating can be just as tasty as meat-based dishes. For those who may be new to vegetarian cooking, you can suggest easy options such as cheese trays, bean dips, breads or desserts.

5. Brunch

If you are doing a lunchtime potluck or think your office would enjoy some breakfast for dinner, try doing a brunch theme. Typical brunch items include eggs, muffins, croissants, pastries, breakfast meats, bread, french toast, quiche and if you can have alcohol, mimosas. Easy options include breakfast drinks, such as orange juice and coffee and fruit.

6. Tailgate

This is another good theme for sports fans. Tailgate foods are usually focused on items that can be cooked on the grill, such as barbeque ribs, hot dogs, burgers and wings. Other popular choices include nachos, potato salad, chili, chips and jalapeno poppers. For a vegetarian option, try grilling up some veggie burgers and hot dogs. For lighter eaters, consider having someone bring a big salad. To truly achieve a tailgate theme, add in some typical tailgating games and some sports-themed decor.

7. Takeout

You can still enjoy a company potluck even if nobody in your office really likes to cook. Have everyone bring their favorite takeout dish instead. In addition to being an easy way to throw a potluck, this is a good way to support your local business community by giving everyone a chance to try some new restaurant dishes.

8. Comfort Food

People don’t always have time to cook comfort food classics, such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. A comfort food theme can be a perfect opportunity to indulge in these favorites without having to do all the cooking yourself. It’s also a chance to introduce everyone to their family comfort food traditions. For those who need easy options, side dishes, drinks, napkins and cutlery are all good choices.

If your office potlucks have become a stale affair, try one of these eight themes to get people excited again. Solicit new ideas from your coworkers to keep things fresh all year long.

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