4 Millennial Trends That Are Changing E Commerce

With millennials slated to be the next generation with the most spending power, every company having anything to do with e-commerce have been doing their research on what will work for their newest target audience. This is a great day and age for e-commerce. Since most shoppers in the millennial generation prefer to shop online versus in person, business is booming for online sales and the trends made by millennials show that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Mobile Shopping

E-commerce companies everywhere have been rapidly making their wares available on mobile platforms. If a company does not have a mobile platform for their services available, they are missing out on a golden opportunity. In recent years, it’s been obvious how much people are turning to their phones as a means of getting everything done. From their banking to their buying and selling, mobile phones have become one of the most popular methods for people to get things done. The ultimate personal planner, mobile devices (phones and tablets especially) are a staple in the working person’s daily arsenal of tools. When someone needs to make a quick order on the go or they forgot to order something from their computer last night and need to get it done while they’re on their lunch break, they will flip out their phone and have it taken care of in a matter of minutes. Millennials have definitely been moving this trend along and it’s not something that will be going away anytime soon, so e-commerce sellers everywhere should take note.

Social Media Sales

Social selling is gaining huge traction on the e-commerce side of sales. You may have already noticed that your social media apps, as well as the regular social media sites themselves, are rife with ads. Advertising has even been trickling into people’s feeds and are becoming a huge part of the way vloggers have been making their money. Online sellers are using social media apps to set up shop, which ties into the regular method of online selling by bringing the product directly to the consumer. When e-commerce meets social media, the target audience might become more familiar with the brand and will be more comfortable buying from something they trust to use everyday with their personal information. This method of e-commerce is far from an untapped resource. Nowadays, if you want your name to get out there as an e-commerce seller, you’re going to need to be involved with social media in some form to stay above water.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

With the integration of social media in the lives of so many millennials, it’s basically expected at this point in the game that the majority of ads be linked to an individual’s preferences through targeted advertising. If you are the type of person who regularly browses for vaping equipment, you’re more likely to see an ad for a vape pen charger than you are something that you’ve never looked up before. Conversely, if you are very into military memorabilia but don’t have any pets, chances are that you’re not going to run into a bunch of ads about kittens or what brand of dog food you should buy next. There are ways for advertisers to track what people are attracted to through various social media outlets. Companies are taking advantage of this relatively new trend by providing a more personalized shopping experience. This applies to all generations who shop online but it has risen in popularity due to the millennial generation in particular.

Subscription Services

Whether you like to binge on Netflix or you get a monthly supply of toilet paper shipped directly to your door on the same day of the month, millennials are really utilizing the tools at their disposal through subscription services. In response to this demand, many sellers online are now either switching entirely to a subscription based service that bills their customers monthly or they are offering the ability to sign up for a subscription service on top of what other services they already have available.

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