January 2022

  • February 2022

    Dear BPTrends Member, Here in Boston we are digging out of one of the “biggest snowstorms ever to hit Boston.” I hope our fellow members and readers are facing a less intimidating forecast. This month’s content includes a compelling Column from Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland discussing the expanding role of process professionals in organizations, and Paul presents…

  • Roles Evolve As Organizations Become More Mature

    Roles in organizations vary according to the overall process maturity of the organization. Further, the focus of different people in the organization necessarily changes as an organization becomes more mature.

  • Processes and a Decision Modeling Notation

    Paul explains that taken together, the BPMN Business Process Management Notation) and DMN (Decision Management Notation) represent a merger of business process and business decision (or business rule) technologies. This represents a major step forward in our ability to smoothly integrate these two, seemingly separate technologies, into a common approach.

  • The Agile Practitioner: Everything’s Going Agile

    In his final Column for BPTrends, Tom Bellinson continues his role of providing thoughtful and well-articulated advice to process practitioners as they begin or continue their Agile journey. He will be missed as a regular contributor but has assured that he will continue to contribute as he has ideas that will be helpful.

  • Frameworks: Beyond Operational Improvements: The Expanding Role of Process

    Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland looks beyond the standard role of process practitioners in organizations. Although companies continue to rely on process teams for tactical responsibilities in process improvement, they are increasingly tapping into their teams to support strategic priorities that have an impact on the entire organization.

  • Harmon on BPM: Process Problems and Solutions

    This month, Paul considers the range of problems that a business process practitioner might address. He includes a basic list of things to check when analyzing a specific process problem.

  • January 2022

    We wish all of our readers a very happy New Year and great success, health and happiness in 2022. This month’s Update includes coverage on topics that we hope you will find compelling and of use in your daily activities. We are sorry to say that this is Mike Rosen’s final Column (see his Column…

  • The Theory of Constraints

    In essence, the TOC holds that any given process is limited in what it can achieve by one, or at least a very small number of constraints. It is a straightforward approach that provides a number of suggestions for identifying problems and improving them.