September 2021

  • The Death of Peter Fingar

    It is with sadness that BPTrends notes the passing of Peter Fingar, a thinker, writer and consultant who contributed greatly to today’s Business Process Management scene. For most of us, Peter first came to our attention when he co-authored Business Process Management: The Third Wave, in 2003, with Howard Smith. In fact Peter had been…

  • September 2021

    This month we resume our regular publishing schedule presenting new content by our Columnists and Contributors. Among our Columns is a compelling discussion by Tom Bellinson on what it takes to provide effective leadership, and a comprehensive discussion by Roger Tregear on soft skills required for successful process improvement. And much more… As always, I…

  • Why You Need a Head start on End-to-end Process Management

    Organizations use many tools and methodologies to capture information about how they perform day-to-day activities to achieve cost reductions and desired efficiencies. One common approach is end-to-end process management. Nandhini Jeyachandran explains why.

  • Harmon on BPM: Improving Productivity

    Leading economists have constantly predicted that investment in information systems would lead to major improvements in overall productivity. Posing a contrary viewpoint, other economists and IT specialists have undertaken studies that suggest that information systems is generating little or no increase in overall productivity. Paul presents 3 cases that provide some light on the subject.

  • Frameworks: Process Framework Fundamentals Remain Foundational

    APQC conducts a survey every two years to explore process frameworks. How do people use them? What are their benefits? And where do people get hung up during implementation? So, what are this year’s results? Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland shares the results.

  • Practical Process: Why is Process Work Different?

    Although many skills are needed to be successful in process management and improvement, they seldom come to full force naturally. Instead, they need to be discovered, valued, and nurtured. Success in process-based management requires many competencies, including hard and soft. In this Column, Roger Tregear focuses on the soft side. What are they anyway?

  • The Agile Practitioner: The Daily Stand-up

    While preparing for an upcoming IRM UK Business Change & Transformation Conference, Tom Bellinson discussed an agile practice called the daily stand-up. The idea behind a stand-up is to promote the agile principle of “people and communication over process and tools.” Learn more about this practice which could prove useful to your team.

  • Are We Looking at the Right Tools?

    Despite widespread use, many people remain unconvinced of the importance of Business Process Management. Why? What are we getting wrong? Read what Laila Mara Pesoa , Process and Knowledge Management Consultant at Alpha Leonis Advisors, thinks could be at least part of the problem.