February 2021

  • The Basics of Business Finances

    Lewis Robinson, a business consultant and frequent contributor to BPTrends, knows that managing a company is no easy feat and that the managing an organization’s finances is key to success. Lewis provides a succinct summary of what you need to know to master business finance.

  • Practical Process: Focus: Understanding Much More about a Lot Less

    Roger Tregear’s advice is model for a purpose. Carefully choosing a set of high-impact processes and proactively managing them will ultimately result in enhanced improvement in organizational performance. He provides some useful steps toward accomplishing this end in his Column this month.

  • The Agile Practitioner: All Things Agile

    Tom Bellinson’s plan for 2021 is to shift his approach to The Agile Practitioner to shorter, more focused pieces on specific more practical topics that have come up during his own Agile practice. This month, he focuses on agility “writ large.” Follow him on his new approach. You will be rewarded.

  • Frameworks: Addressing Persistent-Challenges Departing Process Purgatory

    Holly Lyke Ho-Gland, a principal research lead at APQC, summarizes the results of their annual survey taking stock of the trends and challenges that have an impact on Project Portfolio Management professionals in the year ahead. In Her Column, Holly summarizes the results and suggests that lessons learned have reinforced the need to address ongoing…

  • Harmon on BPM: Digital Instruction

    Paul turns his attention this month to what has changed in the world of technology since the pandemic which, of necessity, had to be accommodated. Many found that a digital approach to training offers overwhelming advantages that will continue long after the pandemic subsided. Will you continue with the changes you’ve adopted?

  • Need Help Managing Business Continuity? Time to Take a Look at IIBA

    Ann Cain, Director of Communications at IIBA, remarks that, throughout the pandemic, we have seen the value business analysis professionals bring to their organization. She urges all BPM professionals to take a closer look at IIBA in this time of constant change to learn how their tools and resources can help you.

  • February 2021

    This month our authors are focused on managing processes during the pandemic. Each offers helpful and easily adaptable suggestions for getting past the formidable challenges presented by Covid-19. Let us know your stories for coping with these challenges. Carolyn PottsManaging Editorwww.bptrends.info  Be sure to follow @BPTrends on Twitter and join the BPTrends LinkedIn company page.