May 2020

  • May 2020

    Dear BPTrends readers, We hope you and your colleagues, friends and family are well and safe during these challenging times of the Corona Virus.  And, we hope you find some helpful information  in our publications this month. As always, we have some very compelling and interesting content from some of our favorite authors. Paul takes another…

  • The Evolving Role of Process Practitioners

    Andrew Spanyi, a business process consultant and training manager, defines what he believes to be the skills that process professionals must develop if they are to take their rightful place in the digital business environment of the future.and explores the impact that the expanding assortment of digital tools is likely to have on process practitioners.

  • Business Rules Solutions: Blueprinting Business Knowledge: Concept Models

    Ron Ross asks readers to “Think of the challenge of miscommunication as essentially needing to redesign concepts to get everyone on the same page – that is, to create shared understanding.” He proposes applying a concept model. Get a quick introduction to the industry-wide motivation for concept models in Ron’s column this month.

  • Super Users in Action: Training, Part II – Changes Driven by Learning

    Laila Māra Rizoto-Vidala-Pesoa, a Process and Knowledge Management expert at Cabot Corporation, continues her discussion of the Super User’s training role that she began in her January Article. Here she asks what type of changes does the Super User enable.

  • Harmon on BPM: Major Transformation, Incremental Improvement and AI

    Paul exhorts readers to think beyond the idea that AI is nothing more than Robotics Process Automation. “AI is a call to think big – to imagine new futures and new industries – to imagine transformed business processes.” Read his Column to learn why he thinks this is so.

  • Practical Process: Steepening the Curve

    Referring to the Covid 19 Virus, Roger wonders if we could we invert and repurpose what we are learning from fighting the spread of the “bad” to encourage the spread of the “good?”. What can we learn from our responses to the current pandemic to improve our environment? Roger explores some possible answers in this…

  • The Agile Practitioner: Agile Risk Management

    Tom Bellinson describes how an agile team responds “when a deadline looms large.” Above all, product teams must have the freedom to deliver on the required outcomes for the customer in a highly flexible manner. An Agile team is trained for this purpose. Read more on this topic in Tom’s Column.