May 2019

  • May 2019

    Dear BPTrends Member: This month our Columns and Articles include a range of topics from AI and baseball to why the acronym, BPM, is a still confusing. We are always interested in hearing from our valued members and visitors. Let us know what you like and what you don’t like, make suggestions for things you…

  • Frameworks: There is a Process Core for Digital Efforts

    In her second Column in her Digital Transformation series, Holly defines digital transformation and where process fits in an organization’s transformation efforts. As in her March Column, Holly bases her conclusions on the results of an APQC survey that attempts to identify trends that might have an impact on process professionals.

  • BPM (Still!) Too Confusing to Be Taken Seriously

    Mark McGregor, a BPM and EA strategy consultant avoids using the term BPM when talking with people about process. How can this acronym cause so much confusion, he wonders. Read why in this article.

  • Business Orchestration

    Using musical orchestration as an analogy, Howard Webb, Director of Enterprise Strategy and Planning at Daugherty Business Solutions, considers six fundamentals he believes, when practiced, can orchestrate your business.

  • Business Rules Solutions: The Great Rules Impedance Mismatch

    In this Column, Ron discusses what he describes as “a great impedance mismatch” between SBVR/ behavioral business rules vs. DMN /decision rules. At the heart of the mismatch is the issue of state-based vs. modeler-invoked evaluation of rules. Read Ron’s insightful analysis of the “mismatch” and his call to move beyond limited-function decisioning systems to…

  • Harmon on BPM: The One Best Way to Play Baseball

    Paul recently read an article on how the Houston Astros are winning by using advanced analytics. The article describes how the Astros General Manager, Jeff Luhnow, applies (AI) data and analytics to examine and improve the Astros performance.