March 2017

  • Transformation

    I’ve read many articles on “transformation.”  Older articles seemed to suggest that transformation implied a major change — rather like business process reengineering.  Recently, however, transformation has become popular and everyone now seems free to use it as the equilivent for process change.  This month I asked readers for their take on the meaning…

  • March 2017

    Dear BPTrends Member: This month the Update includes a Column presenting the results of APQC’s annual priorities survey and an Article on Next Generation Reference Architecture. The Survey focuses on Digital Transformation; we hope you will take a few minutes of your time to respond to the questions. As always, we ask for your help…

  • Harmon on BPM: Two Types of Digital Transformation

    This month Paul continues his discussion of Digital Transformation. In this Column, Paul draws a distinction between Digital Transformations that are, in fact, redesigns, and those that really involve creating a new process from scratch.

  • Best Practices for Creating the BPI Project Charter

    Gina Abudi extends the discussion of this month’s featured video, and in this Article she provides a detailed account of the steps she follows to accomplish the development of a successful BPI Project Charter.

  • Applying Process Frameworks: Process Challenges Don’t have to be so Challenging

    Holly Lyke Ho Gland, a principal research lead at APQC, presents the results of their annual priorities survey. The results suggest that process management challenges continue to be top priorities for business in 2017. Read her Column for suggestions on dealing with those challenges.

  • Business Rules Solutions: The Story of Al’s Spreadsheet and Absent Brains

    A few years ago, Ron Ross’ organization, Business Rules Solutions, was invited to conduct a one-week facilitated session for a national taxation authority. The objective was to reverse-engineer business rules from a very complex spreadsheet called Al’s Spreadsheet. Read Ron’s Column to discover the lessons learned from that engagement.

  • Book Review: Process Based Approach to Operational Risk Management

    This month Paul reviews Process Based Approach to Operational Risk Management by Kannan Subramanian.

  • Develop a Project Charter for your next BPI Project

    In this video, Gina Abudi, President of Abudi Consulting Group, discusses the importance of developing a Project Charter for Business Process Improvement projects. Also, Aparna Raja of KiSSFLOW tells how to avoid the pitfalls of process automation. As always, we hope you’ll find all of the content compelling and will let us know your thoughts.

  • Next Generation Reference Architecture For Connected Government

    In this Article, Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, a lead Enterprise Architect at Wipro Technologies, takes an in-depth look at Government Reference Architecture which, he concludes, helps as a reference for the various architectures that the Government can implement to provide solutions for a variety of process challenges.