June 2015

  • Model Interchange in BPMN

    BPMN is an OMG standard that is used currently supported by most process modeling software. Version 1 of the software was not quite rigorous enough to generate code and to be passed from tool to tool, but the new Version is.  A group within the OMG has been working to refine techniques from moving BPMN…

  • London and the Future of BPM

    The London BPM Conference is beginning next week.  Among other things, the conference will celebrate its 10th anniversary.   For information, see http://www.irmuk.co.uk/bpm2015/ In conjunction with this, we are running a mini-poll on BPTrends in which we ask about the future of BPM.  As usual we don’t have a lot of respondents, so you need to…

  • Process Resource Sensitivity Maps

    I read two articles recently that got me thinking about the resources that a process needs to function.  One focused on water and tried to predict where water would remain plentiful, and where is was going to be increasingly problematic in the near future.  If you had a process that depending on lots of water,…

  • Process Improvement: Behavioral Methods Applied to Lean Six Sigma

    Alan Ramias and Paul Fjeista continue their series on the behavioral side of BPM and Process Improvement. In this Column, they highlight specific places where typical Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) projects could be modified or supplemented to identify and address behavioral matters.

  • Getting Buy-In For BPM Projects

    The video this month features Gina Abudi, President of Abudi Consulting, offering advice based on considerable experience in gaining buy-in for BPM projects.

  • June 2015

    Dear BPTrends Member: This month Lean and Lean Six Sigma are the subject of two Columns—Harmon on BPM and Process Improvement. The latter focuses specifically on DMAIC projects while Paul Harmon writes about an organization seeking to integrate BPM and Lean Six Sigma efforts. Howard Smith gives his take on the potential for Robotics vis…

  • Harmon on BPM: Integrating BPM, Lean and Six Sigma Organizations

    Paul Harmon recounts his experience working with an organization seeking to integrate its business process efforts. The organization had a Lean Six Sigma group in place and was in the process of creating a BPM group. Paul’s suggestions were successfully implemented with positive results. Read his Column for the details.

  • Transforming Corporate Strategies into Action – Part 1

    Jeremy Ross, Trang Jerkic, Tony Penfold, and Hanadi Alwthinani, a team of colleagues from Queensland University of Technology in Queensland, Australia, engaged in a research project to understand how the strategic frameworks suggested in BPM literature apply in real world organizations. In Part 1, they present their methodology and core findings. Part 2 will be…

  • Human Processes: Discovering Collaboration

    Keith Harrison-Broninski elucidates the basic differences between collaborative and step by step processes. He explains why traditional analytical techniques fall short in analyzing collaborative processes and offers a few pointers on how to analyze collaborative processes.