January 2015

  • Google Translate and Business Processes

    Google has released a new App that facilitates real time translation between English and other major European languages.  In essence, with the app loaded on your iPhone or your iPad, you can speak and the App will render your statement in a selected foreign language.  Or, it will translate what someone else, speaking that language,…

  • How Do BPTrends Readers Get Information

    Lots of people talk about social media and seem to suggest that everyone now gets their information from Tweets and Blogs.  In this month’s mini-poll on BPTrends we asked our readers to tell us where they get information on process issues.  So far a total of 33 people have responded — not many, but more…

  • How People Research BPM

    I am increasingly told that I am out of date — that today’s business people tweet, and blog and get information by means of various social media.  I realize that, in some sense this is true.  I myself, for example, no longer read a newspaper, but read my news, online, via bbd.com or the nytimes.com.…

  • A Chief Customer Officer

    I just got an announcement from a company that has just added the position of Chief Customer Officer to their executive team.   That is, in my opinion, an unfortunate decision.  Don’t get me wrong:  I think customers are very important.  But thinking that the way to give customers more attention is by adding a CCO…

  • BPM in London in June

    BPTrends is scheduled to help produce the IRMUK BPM Conference in London in June on the 15-18th of this year.  As part of the prep for this conference, I just got a list of the papers speakers have proposed for this year’s event.  I can promise you its going to be an interesting conference with…

  • Toyota, Process and Hydrogen

    Toyota is the probably the best known company in the world that is fiercely committed to good processes.  Dozens of books have been written on The Toyota Production System (TPS) and many more on Lean, the light weight version of TPS.  Some might be inclined to think that Toyota is no longer what it was…

  • Business Rule Solutions: Q&A: What We’re Learning from Decision Engineering, Part 2—Fresh Thinking about Business Process Models

    Ron Ross encourages BPM practitioners to consider fresh ideas about business process models. Using a Q & A format, he relates what you need to know to bring your thinking and practices up to date in this, the concluding Column of this two-part series.

  • Harmon on BPM: 2015

    As the world economy picks up, Paul looks forward to 2015 in which, he predicts, new technologies will challenge process professionals who will be equipped to meet the challenge with a variety of new tools.

  • Facilitator’s and Trainer’s Toolkit: Engage and Energize Participants for Success in Meetings, Classes and Workshops
    By Artie Mahal

    Artie Mahal is a master facilitator, and Paul asserts that, in this book, he successfully teaches readers the same skills he applies in his own classes. Paul strongly recommends this book to anyone engaged in a process improvement project that involves a workshop or facilitation session.

  • Practical Process: A Failure An Opportunity of Governance

    In his experience as a BPM consultant, Roger finds that most organizations fail to sustain effective process-based management because they fail to firmly embed business process governance, a prerequisite to effective BPM. In this Column, he offers five practical steps to incorporate governance in an organization’s processes, thus assuring a sustainable process-based management system.