October 2014

  • The Use of BPMS

    Our mini-quiz this month focused on how people were using BPMS applications.   We only got ten responses, so we can hardly generalize.  More to the point, our respondents spread out across all four options we proposed.  Some were using applications developed by IT that didn’t do anything for the business manager.  Others were using…

  • Driverless Processes

    Anyone engaged in business process redesign owes it to him or herself to keep track of the kind of new innovations that will be used to create radically new business processes in the future.  A good friend, Roger Tregear, shares this passion with me, and we often focus on a new category and then play…

  • BBC in November

    This year’s Building Business Capability, with it’s various tracks on BPM, process analysis, Business Analysis, business rules, and Architecture, is coming up fast.  It takes place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on Nov 2-6.  For more information, see  www.buildingbusinesscapability.com I’m speaking on the New BPM, which is really going to be a talk on a variety…

  • BPT Oct Poll on BPMS Usage

    This month’s mini-poll on www.bptrends.info focuses on how companies are using applications developed in BPMS software.  We ask only individuals from companies that have actually developed BPM applications to answer — so there aren’t going to be a lot of people responding.  That makes it even more important that those who are at companies that…

  • Business Rule Solutions: What’s Wrong with the Term ‘Knowledge Worker’

    Ron Ross asks if the term “knowledge worker” allows you to make the distinctions necessary to categorize the different functional roles required to effectively use business rules in your process models. In this Column, he examines the three kinds of workers and discusses how the distinctions among them are important for engineering smarter business solutions.

  • Harmon on BPM: Processes and Capabilities

    The question of what is a process and what is a capability continues. Are they different? Are they the same? Paul Harmon offers his take on what he considers the most useful approach to defining and using capabilities in a process-focused environment.

  • Business Archicture: Abstraction in Business Architecture

    Abstraction is a concept key to modeling. In his Column this month, Mike Rosen provides an introduction to the principles of abstraction and relates them to business architecture.

  • Real World Business Processes: ‘There is no such thing as a bad example’—Renewing a Passport

    With this Article, Roger Burlton presents the first in what is to become a series of Articles in which he describes his “real world” encounters with good and bad processes. The subject of this Article involves his experience with the passport renewal process. Read Roger’s Article to discover what lessons can be learned from the…

  • October 2014

    Dear BPTrends Member: To our many readers who have an interest in the ongoing discussion of processes and capabilities—this issue of BPTrends is for you. Both Paul Harmon and Howard Smith weigh in on the discussion, Paul in his monthly Column, Harmon on BPM and Howard in his Article, Thinking Processes, Capabilities and Services. The…

  • Thinking Processes, Capabilities and Services What’s in a Word?

    Howard Smith opens his Article with the statements, “Everything is process. Everything else is just the name of a specific process design.” Read Howard’s insightful Article in which he presents a convincing argument to support those statements.