November 2005

  • CMM and BPM

    CMM and BPM A variety of efforts are underway to define business process maturity models. A maturity model can help your organization think about where it is and where it is going.

  • Standardizing Business Process Notation

    Standardizing Business Process Notation There are standard workflow notations emerging, but alternatives continue to proliferate. Isn’t it about time to standardize on one workflow notation and use it throughout the business community?

  • Will BPM Deep Six Six-Sigma?

    Will BPM Deep Six Six-Sigma? Kiran Garimella Some organizations see BPM and Six Sigma as alternative process methodologies and argue whether or not they need both. In this clever dialog, Kiran Garimella explores whether one might eliminate the other.

  • Standardization or Harmonization?

    Standardization or Harmonization? Albrecht Richen Dr. Albrecht Ricken and Ansgar Steinhorst report hearing a CFO of a major company argue that his organization didn’t need to have standard processes throughout the world, but they did need to have them harmonized. In this article, they consider the difference and how they might respond to such a…

  • Enterprise Architecture in the Context of Organizational Strategy

    Enterprise Architecture in the Context of Organizational Strategy Sundararajan Vaidyanathan Lots of organizations are working to develop an enterprise architecture. In this insightful paper, Sundararajan Vaidyanathan, the Senior Enterprise Architect at Unisys, suggests that an enterprise architecture is part of an overall organizational strategy and needs to be integrated with strategic efforts in order to…

  • BPM in Europe: 17576

    BPM in Europe: 17576 Frits Bussemaker, our correspondent in Europe, reports on a BPM Congress in the Netherlands and makes some interesting observations on the vendors who attended.

  • Business Rules: Are System Requirements Business Rules?

    Business Rules: Are System Requirements Business Rules? Stan Hendryx Stan Hendryx reports on the latest success of the OMG’s ongoing effort to standardize the use of business rules and then considers how it has led to other questions about the nature of business rules and business models.

  • Managing BPM: Blink Analysis

    Managing BPM: Blink Analysis This month, Joe Francis reflects on how a professional, familiar with the common problem patterns that occur in a specific domain, can sometimes instantly recognize problems that someone less familiar with the domain patterns would uncover, only after extensive research and study.

  • Innovation Happens Elsewhere by Goldman and Gabriel

    Innovation Happens Elsewhere by Goldman and Gabriel Paul Harmon reviews a new book by Ron Goldman and Richard Gabriel. The authors argue that the key lesson companies should have learned from the success of the Web is that, whenever possible, it’s better to utilize the innovation and creativity of others, rather than relying exclusively on…

  • Business Rule Concepts by Ronald Ross

    Business Rule Concepts by Ronald Ross Mark Myers Mark Myers, an enterprise architect at the Northern California Power Agency, reviews the latest release of Ron Ross’s widely read introduction to business rules, Business Rules Concepts, and argues that it’s a must-read book for anyone interested in how to increase business agility.