May 2005

  • Enterprise Transformation

    Enterprise Transformation There is a movement afoot in the Six Sigma community to integrate Six Sigma, Lean, Business Process Frameworks, and Business Process Management efforts. It’s a welcome development that should be broadly supported.

  • IQPC BPM Governance Talk

    IQPC BPM Governance Talk Slides from Paul Harmon’s talk at the May 2005 IQPC BPM Conference in Las Vegas.

  • BPM Systems

    BPM Systems The BPM Systems market continues to grow vigorously as new applications are announced and new vendors enter this already crowded market. In this BPTrends Advisor we try to summarize the state of the BPMS market in the spring of 2005.

  • Business Process Management: A Rigorous Approach

    Business Process Management: A Rigorous Approach Martyn Ould Martyn Ould has just published a new book on BPM. This is the text of the lecture he gave when the book was launched and it provides a nice introduction to the ideas that Ould thinks should dominate BPM discussions.

  • Pi Calculus Versus Petri Nets: Let Us Eat

    Pi Calculus Versus Petri Nets: Let Us Eat The Petri-Pi Working Group is an informal group of researchers who are discussing the foundations of BPM systems. Wil van der Aalst, one of the leading Workflow and Petri Net theorists from Eindhoven University of Technology, developed this working paper to stimulate discussion within the group.

  • BPM Standards

    BPM Standards Rashid Khan, the CEO of Ultimus, reviews the opportunities for business process standards, notes some de facto standards, but concludes that the complexities of the current BPM market mediate against the current efforts to formalize BP modeling languages. Khan’s article provides a thoughtful counterpoint to numerous articles we’ve published that argue that standards…

  • BPM in Europe: From

    BPM in Europe: From Frits Bussemaker is joined by Frans van der Reep in a discussion of how some European companies are shifting toward real-time monitoring and decision systems that allow managers to react in real time.

  • Process Pragmatics: Improving Process Improvement

    Process Pragmatics: Improving Process Improvement This month Steve Stanton begins a discussion of the process improvement process. Once you begin to think about your process improvement process as a process, some interesting insights emerge.

  • The Third Wave: Mastering Business Process Management

    The Third Wave: Mastering Business Process Management This month, Howard Smith and Peter Fingar consider the seven states organizations go through as they acquire the competencies to really take advantage of BPM.

  • Managing BPM: Supermodel

    Managing BPM: Supermodel Joe Francis focuses his attention on the tendency of some groups and individuals to obsess over process models that are too complex. He advises that the goal is performance improvement and suggests you keep the modeling effort to the minimum necessary to assure improved performance.