July 2022

Dear BPTrends Members,

This month we publish some articles that will bring readers up to speed on new developments.  Meantime, we again mention that we are looking for new columnists and articles.  If you have something to say about BPM that you think other readers will be interested in, let us know.

This month Harmon continues describing his new book on management, and describes the process management model used to provide an overview of the book.  At the same time Roger Burlton provides a description of the basic ideas in his new book on business process architecture.  In addition, we continue our discussion of how one might analyze and define the business problems faced by the Copier company and offer an article on how processes and capabilities work together.

Ten years ago a group of process professionals released a statement describing the basic principles usually embraced by business process professionals.   In the time since, this manifesto has been adopted by several groups and translated in many different languages.  Last month BPTrends released the Persian translation of the Business Process Manifesto. This is the fifteenth language for the document.  The Manifesto has become a benchmark in defining the principles that define and describe the essentials of business processes. It has established a common meaning and a consistent way of articulating the essence of what business processes are all about.  August will witness the ten-year anniversary of the first version.

In September, Roger Burlton, who spearheaded the effort to coordinate approximately a hundred professionals globally, and I will revisit the Manifesto to refresh the message of the document for a new generation of process practitioners across the globe.  Meanwhile, to see any of the various versions of the manifesto, click on the cover photo of the Manifesto that appears to the right.

Lastly, please remember that we don’t publish an update in August – everyone needs a vacation sometime and that’s when we take our.  See you again in September!