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Please Take the BPT Survey is currently undertaking its bi-annual survey of the BPM market, and I’d like to urge everyone who hasn’t already taken it to take a few minutes and complete it. It located here: As in the past, we ask a wide range of questions to try to understand the current interest in business process […]

A New Chance for Process Measures

Business process advocates have always been in favor of measurement. More to the point, CMMI, which defines the levels organizations go through as they incorporate business process awareness and practices into their organizational DNA, suggests that level 4 involves “managing using process data.” Managing, using process data, requires, as a prerequisite that one have useful […]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is a technology that lets users capture routine sequences of steps and then automate them.  Used where appropriate, this bit of technology can capture and automate routine transfers of information from one application to another. In effect its “duct tape” than can be used to link to software applications together […]

Let your customers crawl up the steps

Vanilla Air (a low-fare subsidiary of Nippon Airlines) has just challenged United for the title of Worst Airline Provider.   Vanilla air initially explained to Mr. Hideto Kijima, who uses a wheelchair, that he couldn’t board their plane on the island of Amami, because they lacked a way to raise his wheelchair.  They explained that […]

Malls Will Disapear?

There have been several stories in the press this week about how malls are doomed to disappear.  It’s a sign of the continual spread of the waves caused by  It began with the retail book industry.  Amazon offered to sell books online.  You went to and chose your book and Amazon rushed it to […]

Process Mining Experimentation

There is lots of academic interest in process mining — the use of tools to evaluate events and determine flow patterns (processes) and bottlenecks.  Recently a group of university people announced the free availability of Nirdizati — an Alpha release of a predictive monitoring tool that individuals and organizations can experiment with.  Use of […]

Meta-Process Analysis

I’ve begun to talk about what I’ve decided to term “meta-process analysis.”  By meta process analysis I mean the analysis of a generic or abstract process — usually a specific type of process like an auto production line process, or a retail store sales process.  The focus of the analysis is to describe ways in […]

Portugal in May

I’m getting excited about the upcoming BPM Conference in Lisbon on May 25th.  The conference is going to focus on the impact of AI and Cognitive Technologies on Business Process Change and I’ve been asked to keynote it.  (For more information on the conference, please check: ) I happen to think that Ai and […]


I’ve read many articles on “transformation.”  Older articles seemed to suggest that transformation implied a major change — rather like business process reengineering.  Recently, however, transformation has become popular and everyone now seems free to use it as the equilivent for process change.  This month I asked readers for their take on the meaning […]

What do managers know about business processes?

The current mini-survey being run on BPTrends asks readers to tell us what managers at their companies know about processes. One option suggests that an organizations know about processes, could help improve them, get data about them and use that data to make day-to-day management decisions.  For those familiar with CMMI, that would suggest a […]